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Short Stories

Mewsings post: "The Realm of Lost Things" in ASIM 53, and Gene Wolfe being honoured.

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Reviewed in GM Magazine as "Gemmellesque and just as readable."

Just as lurid as it sounds...


Mewsings post: "David Lindsay's The Violet Apple" in Wormwood 21.

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An essay about Colin Wilson's writings on David Lindsay.

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A self-help book for would-be monsters.

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Produced for a 40th birthday giveaway, My Vampire Bride is Poe-esque gothic melodrama poem, printed in an A6 booklet, produced in a limited run of 40 copies. You can now read the poem on this site.

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This project can be read on the Alice at R'lyeh section of this site.

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A non-fiction fanzine dedicated to fantasy. Some of the essays I wrote for it can be found in the Misc section of this site.

Art & illustrations

Mewsings post: "The Realm of Lost Things" in ASIM 53, and Gene Wolfe being honoured.

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