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Welcome to the Poetry section of my site.

Here you’ll find poems nonsensical, whimsical, silly, and sometimes dark, too. Some are short, some are long. (I’ve provided line counts, so you’ll know what you’re getting into.)


Alice at R'lyeh

“What a curious thing,” said Alice

“One might easily lose one's balance,”

As she walked through the labyrinthine tangles

Of the sea-risen city's impossible angles...

My Vampire Bride

The moon was bright

The breeze was light

As I stepped outside, that fateful night

And felt upon my neck the bite...

The House, to its Haunter

Now alle is DEAD withinne me, and the attick dust is still,

And old moth huskes lye crumbling on the warped woode of the sill...

The Beast

The Beast became a Beast by living too long alone

Not caring how his beard or his fingernails had grown...

Mr Was

Mr Was only was, never is

The was of the moment is his

The is never is, because

Then is the now of Mr Was...

The Devil had a mobile phone

The Devil had a mobile phone

He called me up on it

He said, “D’you wanna make a deal?”

I said I’d sleep on it...

I want to be on the moon

I want to be on the moon.

Just me, on my own.

Three hundred and eighty four thousand miles

From any pair of human eyes...

The Indifferent Beast

They had an Indifferent Beast at the zoo

It was furry and spiny and somewhat scaly, too...

It's easy to summon a demon...

It's easy to summon a demon

You'll need paper, a pencil, and something to lean on...

The Sad Pirate

I sometimes sit and wonder

At all this useless plunder

I’ll maybe dig myself a pit

And bury it...


They wondered why Toby was always so cold

He was only, they calculated, five years old...

Teach Yourself Terror!

Teach Yourself Terror! the book’s cover said:

“How to be frightened of things not-quite-dead!”...

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