The Snake Fiend and Other Stories

The Snake Fiend and Other Stories by Farnsworth Wright book cover
by Farnsworth Wright
Pages: 232
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-915388-05-6
ISBN (ePub): 978-1-915388-06-3
Fiction (Short Stories, Pulp)

A young chorister is thrilled to be chosen by Leonardo da Vinci to model for the face of Jesus in his painting of The Last Supper. But who will model for the face of Judas?

Three young men, from Germany, France, and England, swear eternal fidelity to one another — and then the Great War breaks out...

A small portable shrine, at the touch of a secret catch opens to reveal a sight that draws people to gaze upon it — and die!

Kidnapped by a desert tribe, a bishop’s daughter is the unwitting prize in a game of chess — played with live pieces!

A man driven mad by jealousy plans an ophidian revenge...

A mind-frazzling encounter with beings from the Fourth Dimension...

A grizzled old diver, shaken to the core by an underwater battle with an octopus...

Two sisters try to sleep in an unquiet house with an evil reputation...

A reporter investigates a strangely silent suicide...

A fairground fortuneteller foretells doom when a young man next sees the pole star...

These, and more, are the stories of Farnsworth Wright, editor of the legendary pulp magazine Weird Tales during a Golden Age in which it published the works of H P Lovecraft, Robert E Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, C L Moore, Robert Bloch, and others.

What of Wright’s own fiction? Though some of it appeared in Weird Tales (often under the pseudonym Francis Hard) and its sister magazine Oriental Tales, much of it was published before, and reveals a different side to the man who presided over weird fiction’s defining years. Stories from the Great War, from his days as a newspaper reporter, from his time as a music critic and opera promotor — sentimental stories of virtue and vice, adventurous stories and tales of revenge!

  • The Fiction of Farnsworth Wright by Murray Ewing
  • Stories
  • Enemies (Overland Monthly, Feb 1917)
  • The Vow (Overland Monthly, Aug 1917)
  • Lonesome Time (Overland Monthly, Oct 1919)
  • A Cookery Queen (Overland Monthly, Dec 1919)
  • In the Depths (Overland Monthly, Dec 1919)
  • The Silent Shot (Overland Monthly, Feb 1920)
  • Mother (The Light, Mar–Apr 1920)
  • Out of the Frying Pan (Overland Monthly, May 1920)
  • The Stolen Melody (Overland Monthly, Nov 1920)
  • The Medal of Virtue (Munsey's Magazine, Dec 1920)
  • The Pole-Star (The Open Road, Feb 1921)
  • The Closing Hand (Weird Tales, Mar 1923)
  • The Snake Fiend (Weird Tales, Apr 1923)
  • The Teak-Wood Shrine (Weird Tales, Sep 1923)
  • An Adventure in the Fourth Dimension (Weird Tales, Oct 1923)
  • Poisoned (Weird Tales, Nov 1923)
  • The White Queen (Oriental Stories, Oct–Nov 1930)
  • The Picture of Judas (The Magic Carpet, Apr 1933)
  • Poems
  • What’s in a name? (Judge, Mar 1921)
  • Two Crows (Weird Tales, Jan 1925)
  • The Dark Pool (Weird Tales, Apr 1925)
  • The Death Angel (Weird Tales, Sep 1925)
  • The Evening Star (Weird Tales, Mar 1926)
  • Self-Portrait (Fantasy Magazine, Apr 1935)
  • After Two Nights of the Ear-Ache (Weird Tales, Oct 1937)
  • Who Never Ate With Tears His Bread (The World’s Great Religious Poetry, 1924), translation from Goethe
  • Song of the Brothers of Mercy (Weird Tales, Dec 1926), translation from Schiller
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