Citymusic (title graphic)
Murray Ewing

In the distance, at last, the lights of the city come through the emptiness of the night. Almost home, to where she waits, looking out from their high-up apartment. But it's a lonely night, and a long journey still...

Citymusic (album cover)

Released in 2008 as a followup to my Spacewreck project, Citymusic is a soundtrack voyage through a city at night, a voyage through a world that exists only as light daubed on the dark: the rain-blurred red of brake lights marshalled in lanes on the entry freeway; the chromium reflections of a night-time cafe; human faces emerging pale and ghostly in your headlights as you pass them on the streets; the welcoming glitter of the lights of home...

You can stream and download Citymusic for free from this page at the Internet Archive.

(The cover image uses "Autobahn to Munich at night" by manwolste, obtained from