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A science fiction concept album

In deep space an astronaut is woken from hypersleep. His ship's computer has detected a massive but apparently dead spacecraft hanging motionless in the void a million miles from anywhere.

Leaving his craft to investigate, the astronaut crosses the bleak vacuum to enter the wreck via a rip in the side of its enormous hull. Somehow that gash reminds him of the legendary gateway to the land of the dead. Meanwhile, deep in the bowels of the wreck, something dark and unstable fizzles with life...

First released in 2005, then updated and re-released in 2017, Spacewreck is a musical story, somewhere between a soundscape and a dreamscape, the soundtrack to a film you'll only find in your imagination, describing the journey the astronaut takes into the depths of this enigmatic dead craft.

Inspired by music from the likes of Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Hawkwind, and all those strange electronic film scores you used to get in science fiction films (Forbidden Planet, Logan's Run, Tron), yes, it's a concept album, and yes, nobody sings on it and there's no narration, and yes, it's weird. But the world needs more weird!

The title comes from Spacewreck — Ghosts and Derelicts of Space, a highly comprehensive manual issued by the Terran Trade Authority some time in the 21st century — or was it 1979? See for more on this book.

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