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01. Dreams a Million Miles from Home [1:52]

Waking from hypersleep, are we home yet?

02. The Hulk of the Spacewreck [4:01]

No, not home. The ship's computer has woken the astronaut. On the bridge of his tiny ship, he turns the floodlights on and watches as they illuminate the surface of an enormous, dark hulk hanging in space.

03. Exiting the Airlock [0:14]

The astronaut must investigate. He leaves his craft.

04. Starfield [5:48]

...And drifts across the intervening space. For a moment, he hangs in immense nothingness, surrounded by distant stars.

05. Inner Hull Breach [1:56]

He finds a breach in the massive hull. Was this what stilled the dead craft? The wound in the darkness, surrounded by floating debris, is like the abandoned gate to Hell...

06. Endless Tunnel [4:25]

Through the breach, the astronaut finds himself in an enormous hanger-like tunnel. He drifts down it, passed by the occasional zinging speck of hull debris...

07. Lost in a Maze of Passageways [3:03]

He finds a door and enters the craft proper. It is an endless series of corridors, doorways, stairwells, ladders, junctions...

08. Halls of the Dead [4:57]

There are halls of hypersleepers, but if the craft is truly dead, so must be its cargo. Is this spaceship nothing but a massive tomb?

09. The Control Room [0:31]

The door to the control room opens at his approach...

10. Oxygen Angel [4:26]

And he finds the pilot. She died at the controls, frozen in a blast of gas released at the moment of impact. Icicles hang from her outstretched arms like the feathers of angel's wings. A halo of frozen oxygen crowns her head...

11. Like a Silent City [4:41]

From the observation deck, he surveys the entirety of the enormous craft. Is it truly dead? Are there lights out there? Perhaps the craft is just sleeping...

12. The Memory Galleries [4:59]

He journeys on. He comes to an enormous hall where the memories and knowledge of an entire race are preserved. Every detail of thousands of lives, locked away...

13. Requiem for a Sleeping Race [1:01]

So the people in the ship are not dead, but sleeping, or at least a part of them remains. But for how long? How long have they been delayed here, hanging in the absolute void of space?

14. Active Core [1:44]

The power source of the ship is still active. There is something almost alive about it, but damaged, deranged. How else would it be, having survived so many years alone in space, with no hope of ever reaching its destination? Dangerously unstable, dark, feeding off only itself...

15. Get out before it... [1:42]


16. Space Will Freeze Your Memories [4:16]

Dazed by the blast, unsure how he got out in time, the astronaut drifts through the void, waiting to be rescued by his ship. The enormous spacewreck is gone, shattered into a million fragments. And what of all those lives, those stored memories? As he drifts, half-conscious, half-dreaming, it is as if he can hear them, freed once more...

17. End Theme [3:22]

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