Ghostie (illustration)
Did you feel it, like a sigh
Maybe Ghostie passing by
Soundlessly — I wonder why
Oh Ghostie?
If you turn, or come too near
She will try to disappear
Might as well be made of fear
Poor Ghostie
Yet she lingers, looking grave
Haunted by a glance you gave
What could make her act this brave
Eh, Ghostie?
There! She risked a look at you
Flicker-brief, and timid too
Almost scared you might go “Boo!”
At Ghostie
Ha! She tapped you on the shoulder
Now she’s scared that you will scold her
But it means she’s growing bolder
Then, a draft upon the air
Lifts her spider’s-web-light hair
Spooked, she scarpers. Then, oh where
Is Ghostie?
What’s the secret that you keep
Hidden from the keenest peep
Deep as dreams in deepest sleep
Oh Ghostie?
Not a word, though, not a sound
Ghostie’s lips are silence-bound
Locked like frost upon the ground
Is Ghostie
Maybe one day, maybe soon
Underneath the palest moon
She will grant a precious boon
Will Ghostie
But, till then, she flits and flies
Distant as a faint moonrise
Watching with the palest eyes
Our Ghostie
Copyright © 2018 Murray Ewing.