Resorts of the Frightfully Lonely

Resorts of the Frightfully Lonely (illustration)
Tabitha penned as-you-are invitations
To whoever found them, with no expectations
And left them in randomly-chosen locations
Archibald practised his asseverations
Of love — or just friendship — with crisp intonations
In every language from all the world’s nations
Sarah attempted, through keen observations
Combined with a host of abstruse calculations
To amplify her (very shy) intimations
Terry applied for bizarre occupations
Hoping his “What do you do?” explanations
Might lead to romantic (or some) complications
Cathy produced deftly-styled installations
And packed them with all sorts of rich implications
In hope that she’d rise in someone’s estimations
Jonathan’s numerous defenestrations
(Though never from seriously high elevations)
Were all a result of his lone enervations
Emma would institute brisk confrontations
Then, just as quick, offer up kind exculpations
In hope they’d appreciate her ministrations
Peter had classified all situations
In which he might fruitfully start conversations
To better prevail over his hesitations
Teresa devised quirky new exclamations
To cause, when in crowds, a whole slew of sensations
Sparking off smiles, kind remarks, brief elations
Pavel would enter into disputations
(If needed, he’d start one, with false imputations)
To voice, in some way, to some one, his frustrations
And these are just some of the manifestations
(Pinning poor people in sad constellations)
Of loneliness’s manifold variations
Copyright © 2019 Murray Ewing.