Spike and Doodles

Spike and Doodles (illustration)
Spike and Doodles, friends for life, set out upon a quest.
Spike said, “Doodles, I have always liked the sound of west.”
“It has the ring of just-the-thing,” said Doodles. “West we go!”
And off they went — but bound for where? They really didn’t know!
West they went, then west some more, then west again for hours,
Until they sat, and had a chat, beneath some bosky bowers.
“I think,” said Doodles, “for the nonce, I’ve had my fill of west.
“What say we pick another way?” And Spike said, “Be my guest.”
“North!” said Doodles. “North it is!” said Spike with satisfaction.
So north they went, with all the thrill of magnetic attraction.
And camping, at the end of day, while cooking up their best dish,
Spike said, “How I like this north of yours. It does feel west-ish!”
They ate, they slept, and in the morning, Doodles stretched and said:
“I wonder, shall we still go north? Or elsewisewards instead?”
“I do like north,” said Spike, “and west. But east has its appeal.”
“Then east we’ll try,” said Doodles, “why, this east-for-north’s a deal!”
East they went — that is, till noon, when, stopping for a bite,
Doodles turned to Spike and said, “Does east all day seem right?”
“Now you mention it,” said Spike, “we could try something different.”
Said Doodles, “How does southwards sound?” And Spike said, “Most magnificent!”
And so, that evening, having headed south for half a day,
They came to where their quest had started. Spike said, “Hip-hooray!
“A shower, dinner, cup of tea, a proper bed tonight!”
“I’m glad we went, but glad we’re back,” said Doodles. Spike said, “Quite!”
For half a week, they lazed about, in lots of different ways,
Till Spike said, “Doodles, don’t you miss our long-lost questing days?”
“I do,” said Doodles. “What d’you say, we set out once again?”
“I like the sound of that,” said Spike. “How about east, my friend?”
Copyright © 2018 Murray Ewing.