The Telepathic Twins
First, a tingle up your spine
Then a whisper in your mind
Look around and you will find
The Telepathic Twins
One might make you see a flower
The other takes away an hour
All that time, you’re in their power
The Telepathic Twins
No use trying to lie — they know
Where all your deepest secrets go
They’ve looked you through from head to toe
The Telepathic Twins
Something screwy in their genes
Alien parents, Z-ray beams
Or Geminiacal government schemes
Made these freaky Twins
Put them in a lead-lined room
Seal it tight as any tomb
They’ll be bursting out real soon
The Telepathic Twins
Hyper-clever, double-brained
Together they can lift a train
There’s no way they’ll be constrained
The Telepathic Twins
Soon you’ll see them in your dreams
Like some private psychic meme
Don’t you see what this all means?
The Telepathic Twins
Next step in our evolution?
Tools of Nature’s retribution?
Or that of which we have no notion?
The Telepathic Twins
They’re such a frightening combiner
(Technically, they’re both still minor!)
And heard about that pair in China?
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Copyright © 2021 Murray Ewing.