Privacy policy

This site is run by Murray Ewing. To contact me, see the contact page.

Murray uses Google Analytics to gather general demographic statistics about visitors to this site. The data is not personally identifiable. This use of Google Analytics means that cookies will be created by your browser when you visit Murray To learn more about Google Analytics and how it might affect your privacy, please read their privacy policy.

If you want to prevent your data from being gathered as part of the use of Google Analytics, both at this site and others across the internet, you can install a browser extension, created by Google, after which Google Analytics will not gather your data. Alternatively, you can turn off cookies in your browser for Murray See this WikiHow article for information on how to do this.


If you comment on a Mewsings post, your email address and IP address are stored in a database alongside the comment. This information is not made publicly available (it is only visible to the blog administrator), and is used to prevent spam.

If, at any time, you wish to remove any comments you have made, please use the information on the contact page to tell me, and I will remove them. (Please use the same email address as you entered when making a comment, to verify they are your comments.) No need to provide a reason.