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A science fiction concept album

All aboard the Future City Express!

Estimated arrival: tomorrow.

Just as my previous musical project, Spacewreck, was inspired by a book from my youth (Spacewreck, published by the Terran Trade Authority), Future City takes a large chunk of its inspiration from The Usborne Book of The Future: A Trip in Time to the Year 2000 and Beyond by Kenneth Gatland and David Jefferis, published in 1979.

Usborne Book of the Future book cover

We’re now well beyond the year 2000, but the future is still a promise, sometimes of gloom and doom, but also of the better possibilities. Future City is a glimpse of some of those (perhaps) better possibilities, and at the ideas that once existed of how the future might be.

In it, you’ll find musical glimpses at a world of fast, effortless transport (matter transporters!), miniaturised consumer technology (a digital TV telephone watch!), increased leisure time (holidays on the moon!) and more efficient work time, of clean, sustainable energy, of learning while you sleep, and of advances in medical technology that blur the dividing line between human and machine. And you’ll find glimpses of other worlds, too: a city beneath the sea, a whole planet terraformed to support human life, and even a glimpse of the next stage in human evolution: the rise of the telepath!

Like Spacewreck, Future City takes some of its musical inspiration from some of my favourite electronic music, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Hawkwind, and the electronic film soundtracks of the 1970s and 1980s. It is, I hope, an optimistic vision of the future, an inviting vision of the future.

So take the Future City Express, and spend fifty one minutes in the world beyond the year 2000!

Future City is available from Bandcamp.

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