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Use the circular buttons below the screen to change the title sequence background.

By default, only the names of aliens and planets that actually appeared in classic Doctor Who adventure titles appear. To expand this to include other classic Doctor Who aliens and planets, click the Expanded checkbox below:

The Leisure Deep

How it works

Classic Doctor Who titles often had a certain pulpy quality that could make them formulaic. But, formulaic and fun.

When the Classic series ended, so many titles were left unused. We’d had Genesis of the Daleks, but what about Genesis of the Cybermen? And Genesis of the Ice Warriors? And Genesis of the Sontarans?

So many titles, so many adventures...

Making the The Classic Doctor Who Title Generator, I identified nineteen different types of classic adventure title, made up of fifteen different types of textual element. (I left out a twentieth type, which was merely HISTORICAL PEOPLE/EVENT. Come up with your own!) The most obvious type, for instance, is The PREFIXING ADVENTURE QUALITY/ACTIVITY of the ADVERSARIES (PLURAL). That’s the likes of Revenge of the Cybermen or Day of the Daleks. Or, indeed, The Horns of the Macra or Power of the Abominable Snowmen.

But what about The ADVERSARY-TYPE of THREATENING CONCEPT? (That’ll be The Ambassadors of Death). Or The ADVENTURE PLACE of STRANGE QUALITY? (The Planet of Fire).

Plus, of course, the ever-fun type I just called NUMERICAL, of which there are a few sub-types. Click the And starting next week... button enough times and you’ll get The Two Doctors, The Three Doctors, The Four Doctors, plus a whole universe of galaxies, from Galaxy 1 to Galaxy 1000!

It may take some time to find them all. But what does that matter? You’re a Time Lord/Lady! So why not spend a regeneration or two clicking And starting next week...? Such adventures await!

(Please note: I can’t guarantee that all the adventure titles will be equally exciting... Or make sense...)