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By default, the titles include terms not just from the titles of Lovecraft's stories, but from the titles of poems by Lovecraft, collaboratively-written stories, and the titles of a few Mythos stories by other writers. To include only terms from Lovecraft stories, click the Strictly Lovecraft checkbox below:

Strictly Lovecraft:
Out of the Pyramids of Sleep

How it works

After much reading of that baleful and sanity-testing tome, The Necronomicon, I identified nine basic Lovecraftian title types, from The THING That Came To The WEIRD PLACE, to The WEIRD QUALITY/ACTIVITY of the THING, plus a bonus tenth, Notebook Found in AN EERIE PLACE (from Robert Bloch’s Lovecraftian story, “Notebook Found in a Deserted House”).

I then stocked our subterranean vault with a screeching, gibbering, and somewhat gibbously uncanny vocabulary, added a dose of essential salts, then stepped back to see what emerged!

And what did emerge?

From the Witch House of Doom! The Watchers from Salem! The Elder Messenger! And, um, The Diary of Azathoth? ... In the Beyond of Evil? ... Beyond the Beyond of Horror?

Okay not all titles will chill you with that cosmic Lovecaftian spine-shiver. But some will. And you can never tell which you’ll get until you press THE DREAD BUTTON!