Here I've grouped some useful, useless, or simply fun utilities, mostly relating to text analysis or generation. Hope you find something of interest!


Classic Doctor Who title generator
For all those Invasion of, Terrors of, Days of, Evils of, and so on.
Lovecraftian title generator
For all those tales Lovecraft never wrote...
Literary novel title generator
Can’t come up with a prize-winning title for your literary novel? Use our random generator!

Text tools

Chapter-by-chapter word counts
Get a separate word count for each chapter in a piece of long text. (Requires chapters to be identifiable by a consistent pattern.)
Common words counter
What percentage of your story/novel is made up of the 1000 most common words in English?
Gutenberg text reformatter
A tool for removing hard text-wrap formatting from a text file, as used in Project Gutenberg texts.
The Pronoun Test
For fun, a test based on Ben Blatt’s quick and easy test to tell whether a book was written by a man or a woman.
What colour is your story?
Gives you a summary and count of all the colour words in a piece of text.
What percentage of your novel/story is dialogue?
Tool to work out what percentage of a piece of text is made up of dialogue. (Requires dialogue to be enclosed in either double or single quotation marks.)
Words used only once
As a companion to the common words counter tool, what words appear in a piece of text only once?
Kindle Highlights CSV Reformatting Tool
Converts the CSV file output by Kindle devices to something more copy & paste-able.


HTML curly quotes converter
Converts straight single and double quotes to the html entity codes of their smart versions, while leaving quotes within html tags alone.